RACHEL Development

Server Map

Everything is on one server. For those with a login, here's a quick guide:

         dev/  -- dev.worldpossible.org (this website)
         rachelfriends/  -- rachelfriends.org
         worldpossible/  -- worldpossible.org
/var/modules  -- all currently released modules (rsync pulls from here)

/var/public_ftp  -- pre-built software packages (usb, pi) and zipped modules

/var/www/rachelfriends/previews  -- live previews of our packages

/var/dev/scripts  -- some maintenance scripts

If you want to work on a module, rsync it to your home directory first. Use `rsync -av` to maintain file modification times. This has a big impact on users in the field doing remote updates. When it's ready let know so he can rsync it back to /var/modules.

The racheloffline.org shop is hosted by Shopify.