Grus monacha

Grulla monje

Invernando en Kyushu, Japón
Estado de conservación

Vulnerable (UICN 3.1)[1]
Reino: Animalia
Filo: Chordata
Clase: Aves
Orden: Gruiformes
Familia: Gruidae
Género: Grus
Especie: G. monacha
Temminck, 1835
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La grulla monje (Grus monacha) es una especie de ave gruiforme de la familia Gruidae.


La grulla monje es una grulla pequeña, con un cuerpo de color gris oscuro. La parte superior del cuello y la cabeza son blancas, excepto por un parche de piel pelada de color rojo sobre el ojo. Es una de las grullas más pequeñas, aunque todavía sigue siendo un pájaro de ciertas dimensiones, con 1 m de longitud, un peso de 3,7 kg y una envergadura de 1,87 m.


The Hooded Crane breeds in south-central and south-eastern Siberia. Breeding is also suspected to occur in Mongolia. Over 80% of its population winters at Izumi, southern Japan. There are also wintering grounds in South Korea and China. There are about 100 hooded cranes wintering in Chongming Dongtan, Shanghai every year. Dongtan Nature reserve is the largest natural wintering site in the world. In December 2011, a Hooded Crane was seen overwintering at the Hiwassee Refuge in southeastern Tennessee, well outside its normal range.[2] In February 2012, one was seen at Goose Pond in southern Indiana, and is suspected to be the same bird, which may have migrated to North America by following sandhill cranes.[3]

The estimated population of the species is 9,500 individuals. The major threats to its survival are wetland loss and degradation in its wintering grounds in China and South Korea as a result of reclamation for development and dam building. Conservation activities have been taken since 2008. Local universities, NGOs and communities are working together for a better and safer wintering location.


The Hooded Crane is evaluated as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.[1] It is listed on Appendix I and II of CITES. A society, Grus monacha International Aid (白头鹤的故事), has been formed to find ways to protect the species.[4]


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